Artist based in Toowoomba creating Watercolour and mixed media paintings

Expressive and Colourful

A deep connection with Australian nature has been consistent in my art, from the start.

I see art as a journey, instead of a destination. 

My paintings are expressive and colourful, featuring florals, birds, landscapes, and dramatic skies.

Whether it is the gardens of Toowoomba, fascinating colours of the outback, or the beauty of the southern Queensland bush where I grew up.

I love to explore the surrounding nature with paint, line and wash.

artist paintings

Getting Started

I have a background in medical science and rediscovered a passion for art as a way to cope with the increasing stresses of working in a pathology laboratory.

Though mainly self-taught, I have taken art classes with  Rowena Paine Murphy, Roslyn Hartwig, Bruce GriffithsJohn Lovett, and Annette Raff.

 Now I work as a full-time artist and am enjoying the challenges of this new stage of my life.

Watercolour has become a favourite medium to paint with.

Well known for its translucent and textural properties. It is simultaneously simple to get started and difficult to master.

There is nothing that can compare to the amazing journey you go on when you first start a watercolour painting.

I enjoy working with lots of wet in wet techniques, creating dramatic washes and striking textures.

Urban sketching is one of the most popular and accessible art forms in the world.

There is little need for much to get started and you get to decide how complex you want to work.

Urban sketching is the art of drawing out in the environment, it is closely related to the concept of Plein air painting.

Inspiration is never hard to find. Living in Toowoomba means I have a nearly unlimited supply of incredible buildings and parks to paint.

I am part of a small group in Toowoomba who share their work with each other and occasionally meet up to sketch together.