Urban Sketching

Urban sketching is one of the most popular and accessible art forms in the world. 

For me, urban sketching is mostly line and wash with fountain pen and watercolour, but I’m not limited to this.

I have a YouTube video about what I carry for sketching.

You never know when the desire to paint or sketch might grab you.

Living in Toowoomba means I have an unlimited supply of incredible buildings and parks to paint. Inspiration is never hard to find. I would love to inspire more people to have a go at urban sketching, it’s great to do on your own or as a way to meet up with other artists who share the interest.

I am part of a small group Toowoomba Sketching and Plein Air who share their work and occasionally meet up to sketch together. I’m always very happy to talk with others about this, to give advice or encouragement.

Sketches of buildings, drawn on location. Mostly pen and ink with a focus on atmosphere and colour.

Urban sketching of interiors and objects found inside.

Parkes, gardens, and general landscapes. Usually loose and expressive.