Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Exploring Watercolour

Toowoomba Art Society

Wednesday Evenings 6:30-9pm.

A 6 week course starting 19th October 2022.

Limited to a maximum of 10 students.


$240 per week for TAS members

$270 per week for non-members

Contact me for a course outline, materials list and to book a place.

A short watercolour painting course for those wanting to learn how to loosen up, and be more creative and expressive in their use of the media.

Designed for beginners and those wanting to refresh and expand their skills.

I want to encourage you to explore watercolours, create and share with the group.

Workshops and online learning are great ways for artists to share their knowledge and support each other.

Whether learning from my peers or passing on my knowledge to others, this community is very important.

I’m very comfortable interacting in the virtual world, through social media, online training or face to face lessons.

Social engagement through art is beneficial on so many levels, mental, spiritual, societal.

My background in science has led me on an interesting journey with art, I am fascinated by not just what you can do with different media, but why these things happen.

I have a deep desire to gain an understanding and document my findings.

As such, I have quite a substantial personal library of paint swatches, pigment information, paper samples and an assortment of brush types.

If you can’t get to one of my workshops, I share some of their content on my YouTube Chanel.

Research & Experimenting

I love experimenting with different supplies to see how they react in different circumstances and how they might be of use in my art.

From this personal research, I have developed a workshop about the different properties of paint, pigment and paper, and how these properties interact and influence the art you can make. Paint Pigment Paper Workshop

This is a workshop designed for beginners to intermediates who are confused by the technical information and the overwhelming range of products available for artists.

The follow up to this is the workshop on colour mixing. This covers the basics of colour theory, the colour wheel, split primaries, complementary colours and much more. Colour Mixing Workshop

It is designed for beginners to intermediates to help them understand their existing paint palette, how to get the most out of it, where the limitations are and what colours might be most beneficial to add.

These workshops are ideal for those who have done a few casual art classes or paint and sip type experiences and are looking to move forward.

Navigating The Art World

Let me help you navigate the exciting path into the art world.

If you are personally interested in these workshops, use the contact me and I can notify you when the next workshop is scheduled.

I hold workshops occasionally at the Toowoomba Art Society

Alternatively, if you are part of an art group and would like me to present on these topics, please contact me to discuss scheduling a workshop.

I am happy to travel around southeast Queensland.

Please contact me for more information or to register your interest.