Portraits and Pets

I have always been interested in portraits. How an artist can capture not only a likeness but a feeling and expression of a person. In keeping with my love of colour, I enjoy trying to capture a more expressive and colourful interpretation of the person or animal. It is important to practice and work on realistic portrayals, it is far more rewarding to find something that the camera misses.


I am far more interested in capturing the colour and expression and far less focused on the media I use. You will find works in watercolour, soft pastel, oil pastel, acrylic, pencil and digital painting. My approach is dramatic, colourful, expressive and dynamic. Occasionally I will do softer more focused pieces.

This year I joined the Portraiture Group at the Toowoomba Art Society. An incredibly welcoming and inclusive group of artist . Their support and encouragement has allowed me to make excellent progress in my confidence and willingness to explore and experiment with different approaches and media. Drawing from a sitting model rather than a photo is a challenging, but very rewarding process. It is wonderful to have this opportunity as part of the group.

In this section, you will find a variety of work from live sitting and copied from photo references.


One of my more recent themes to explore has been pets, starting with those belonging to family and friends. In this section, I work predominantly with digital painting. These will have more realistic proportions but be interpreted artistically.

There are details about how to commission a digital watercolour portrait of your pet. A perfect gift for a loved one.